Educational activities continue with two leading management simulations, the Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Simulation Exercises, CHESS and CRASE.

Gabriele Piccoli and Alex Susskind, a professor at Cornell University,  are giving lectures on two main modules called CHESS and CRASE. This session week starts with Chess Business Game (Competitive Hospitality Education Simulation Series), a real-time business simulation of a hotel rooms division. Participants in the Chess exercise experience the most challenging decision-making scenarios under the pressure of a real-time clock. As in the real world, there are no “required” decisions, but decisive action on the part of a participant allows them to seize fleeting opportunities that might very well pass others by.
Chess is a complete educational system, consisting of the real-time, web-based simulation software, documentation, and collateral materials, such as screencasts and downloadable files.

It follows the Crase module (Cornell Restaurant Administration Strategic Exercise), it examines the key success factors behind foodservice management connecting the interrelated elements of marketing, operations, and finance with a shared emphasis on tactical and strategic issues and problem solving. Students learn by engaging in a series of team-based managerial and operational decisions.

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Dopo la due giorni di attività all’aria aperta nei boschi delle montagne sarde, dove gli studenti hanno preso parte a vari giochi di squadra e gare di orienteering, è stata organizzata una visita, accompagnata da relativa degustazione, presso la cantina Antichi Poderi...

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Il fine settimana del 17 e 18 novembre ha visto gli studenti del Master impegnati in due giorni di attività all'aria aperta nei boschi delle montagne sarde. Sotto la guida esperta di 4 istruttori, gli studenti hanno preso parte ad una serie di giochi di squadra e di...

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